How to design a staircase?

To design a staircase the following dimensions are needed: the height from one floor to the next one, and the dimensions of walls, in which stairs must properly fit.

In 4 steps you get a project that can be submitted to any manufacturer you like for calculation. Without long explanations on phone of what you need. Or search manufacturers in the Internet and spam them systematically.

In the online designer open the new project by pushing a button.
If you have not installed plug-in Silverlight - will ask to install.


Select the desired stairs shape: you can change direction and choose landing either turning stair step.


Set the basic parameters: the height from one floor to the next one, and the dimensions of walls, in which stairs must fit.











Set the desired size of the overlap and thickness of steps. For stairs on bolts it should be 60 -100, for other kinds can be 50 or less.



Select step and treads options.
Those only offered that are within acceptable norms.